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My puppy and I went to 2 other trainers before finding Cindy at See Spot Think. Our only regret is that we didn't find her sooner. Cindy is wonderful, engaging, down to earth, and her love for animals and facilitating clear, positive communication with them makes her great at what she does. Cindy's approach goes beyond "training"—she helps foster connection and trust between animals and their owners. And that just makes for a better relationship and happier life together. I would recommend Cindy and See Spot Think hands-down to anyone looking for puppy-owner training. Michelle & Leila


As a new dog owner I wanted to make sure that I gave my new puppy the right start in life.  Several people recommended Cindy both for classes and for her puppy playtime sessions.  I have attended puppy kindergarten as well as puppy playtime and both Porter and I have learned so much.  The learning goes well beyond the activities in class; it has helped me understand how to raise a happy, confident dog.  Cindy's ability to observe and provide insightful comments about puppy behavior has helped me become more aware of body language and what my puppy is trying to communicate.  Cindy also provides well written summaries of class activities with trouble shooting tips that have been invaluable.  Importantly, we also both have a lot of fun.  As soon as Porter gets out of the car, he is 'dragging' me to get upstairs!  Holly & Porter

Cindy has been enormously helpful with our 10-month-old Goldendoodle, George.  She is not just great with dogs-- she's great with people!  Cindy listened carefully to the various problems we were having with George and came up with practical, clear advice on how to work with him to get the behaviors we wanted and stop those we didn't.  We had 4 private sessions with Cindy and the improvement in George is enormous!  He was running away from us, refusing to give up objects that we didn't want him to have, jumping all over guests and stealing mittens off my daughter's hands-- just generally being a playful and sweet, but naughty adolescent dog.  When I first contacted Cindy, we were all so frustrated that the onset of George's adolescence seemed to bring so many slips backward in his manners.  She helped us find fun ways to burn up his energy with games and tricks and teach him to remain engaged with us even when he gets excited.  Cindy has such a patient, gentle way with dogs and was wonderful at modeling positive training methods with our sometimes-nervous pup.  Even though we had been working steadily for months trying to teach Georgie to "drop it" by trading treats for "illegal" objects, Cindy was able to trouble-shoot the situation immediately and within a day or two, we had him dropping even his most coveted prizes (kleenex and slippers!) when asked.  It has been about 2 months since we started working with Cindy, and the whole family is enjoying George so much more.  She helped us rediscover the fun in dog training and helped me as a first-time dog owner understand how a puppy learns. Caroline & George  

As a new puppy owner I knew that I needed to train my dog, but also knew that I didn’t have the right knowledge and techniques to do it properly. This is when I signed us up to take lessons from Cindy Harrison. Cindy has all the characteristics that a good trainer should have.  She has patience with both the dog and its owner.  Her focus is on helping owners and their dogs develop a working and trusting relationship.  Cindy has the ability to connect with your pet.  You see this every time she gets down to the level of your dog and starts talking to them as if she was talking to a long time friend.  She uses positive reinforcement and her training methods focus on developing the good qualities in your animal rather than concentrating on the bad ones. Cindy taught me how to communicate with and gain the respect of my puppy.  Because she taught us practical solutions that work, we now have the skills that will make our lives together happy and fulfilling. I would highly recommend Cindy’s training programs to anyone who wants to develop a happy and lasting relationship with their dog. Joyce & Gracie 


This is our second time using See Spot Think! Dog Training and we couldn't be happier! Her training is fun and educational. In addition to your normal training activities like Sit, Stay, Heel, you work on fun tricks like Leave It and Take A Bow. Cindy takes the dog's interest at heart. We have a shy dog who is cautious around other dogs. Cindy made sure that she was in an area where she felt safe but could still learn. Cindy educated us on how to make her feel safe in our home and what to do when strangers approach her. Tinker has really come around and by the end of class couldn't get enough of Cindy! I highly recommend anyone looking for a fun, education training experience use See Spot Think! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!  Kim and Tinker 

See Spot Think is wonderful. We took our dog there as a puppy, and Cindy helped us overcome the trials of puppyhood and dog adolescence!  She has so much knowledge and expertise, and she has such a way with dogs. Her methods are positive, gentle, and practical. It was just as much an education for us as it was for our dog! Best of all, Cindy has remained available for advice when we need it, long after our formal classes ended.  We highly recommend Cindy and See Spot Think!  Ryan, Jessica, and of course Murphy too!

We had a fantastic training experience at See Spot Think in Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy 2! Cindy and Celeste are both very knowledgeable and gave us lots of individual attention and instruction throughout the classes. They made the training experience lots of fun and we always looked forward to going to class to learn something new. Even more important than the specific training exercises we worked on, we learned how to understand and effectively communicate with the furriest member of our family. We highly recommend See Spot Think! 
Jason and Keila M. Brighton, NY

Thanks so much for everything, I am so happy with Emmy's progress and how far she has come while attending your classes. As a first time dog owner of a pooch all my own, I was simply clueless and I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience than what I have had at See Spot Think. Thank you for everything!!  Tracie L . Rochester, NY

Thanks again for all of your great advice. Everyone comments on how well behaved and friendly Cody is. A big part of that is due to you. You have done a great job training a first time dog owner (We all understand that it is us that you train, not the puppies). Michael B. Rochester, NY

I just wanted to say a big thank you for providing such wonderful training through Puppy K and Puppy 2. Your classes are instructive and fun. Your methods work and give results quickly. Megan was so timid at 12 weeks she didn't want to walk out of our yard. Now, at 6 months, she is a well behaved (mostly), confident,"go anywhere" dog.  Heather E . Rochester, NY

I got SO MUCH out of the classes. I think I learned as much as Eleanor did!! I would gladly recommend your class anytime!  Brian O . Rochester, NY

Thank you again for everything! You are GREAT at what you do!!  Caroline M . Rochester, NY 

I often think of you, especially when Mickey is being a good boy. Not one minute of those classes was wasted time. He has made a lot of progress in every respect since he came to us. I know it is because you taught us how to help him obey and be happy and secure. I seriously doubt that all trainers give as much of themselves as you do. That is what prompts your human and canine students to try and try, and try again.  Judy J . Rochester, NY

We wanted to thank you so very much for teaching us and Olive in your Puppy Kindergarten class. We all had a great time, and your advice resonates with us in our training every day. Olive is developing a walk on a loose leash little by little. Your positive, sunny attitude and encouraging demeanor were really important to us all. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.  Ann S . Rochester, NY


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