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Dog Training Philosophy


See Spot Think was established to provide dog owners with practical, kind and effective training and behavior modification techniques. We teach skills to both dogs and their people.


What can you expect? Your dog will learn to respond to every-day cues, but we'll go far beyond that, building more understanding and clarity on both sides of the leash. Nobody enjoys conflict and frustration, including dogs, and the cooperation that you develop together will enhance every interaction you have. We teach skills that respect the needs of both you and your pup. Working together is enjoyable and rewarding...we promise that your dog will agree.


Your dog is unique. Understanding your dog’s joys & fears gives us the ability to individualize training to make the most sense to your dog. Which means quicker results for you. By understanding how dogs learn, we use principles and techniques that achieve your goals without force. We use your dog’s brain instead.


Communication is a two way street. Clear & consistent feedback means faster progress. Dogs are wildly clear and consistent in the feedback they give, but since they aren’t speaking verbally, humans often miss what they’re saying. The ability to read canine body language is critical to clear communication, less frustration and solid relationships.


Clear training and feedback from you teaches your dog the definition of each cue you give, household rules and an awareness of your interactions together. Training goes both ways, each side playing an important part in the relationship. We strive to help people learn these skills while their dogs learn the manners that make navigating life together enjoyable.


Puppies, puppies. At See Spot Think we have a particular passion for puppies. Because the future behavior of your dog is heavily influenced by early experiences (or the lack thereof), we want to help you provide as enriched an environment for your puppy as possible. This includes education about developmental deadlines, and how to address them, long before their critical period is ending around 4.5 months of age. This also includes getting to owners even before they get their puppies so that they can make educated choices right from the get-go. We have years of experience working with young puppies and their new families. It’s one of our very favorite things to do.

Cindy Harrison, Dog Trainer & Behavior Counselor: I received my foundation in positive-reinforcement dog training while working and volunteering at the San Francisco SPCA. While there, I was able to learn from a wide variety of dogs, encompassing basic canine behavior, fear & anxiety as well as other serious behavior issues.  I was SF SPCA certified by the in-house Academy for Dog Trainers with instructor Jean Donaldson in 1999. I have continued to attend seminars with some of the most noteworthy trainers in the field, including training chickens with the amazing Bob Bailey and studying in depth with Suzanne Clothier. I continue to train and learn new skills with my own dogs. The incredible amount of in-person seminars/classes and online courses available make learning new things a wonderful and endless endeavor that I love to take advantage of.


I'm currently prioritizing group classes for puppies. My goal is to help dogs and their owners foster sound relationships based on understanding and clear communication from the get go.

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