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Class Policies:


All dogs & puppies must have been in the home for 10 days prior to attending class or Playtime.


Puppies must have a minimum of 1 round of puppy vaccinations 7 days prior to class, 1 round of Bordatella (if intranasal, 4 days before class) and continue with age appropriate vaccinations throughout class as determined by your veterinarian. 

Adult dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella & DHLPP (Distemper-Parvo) before attending class. Please bring vaccination records with you the first time you visit the facility (class or Playtime). 

If your puppy or dog is not feeling well, please consult with your veterinarian. Please do not bring a sick puppy to class. We do recommend attending yourself if you're able to. We find that many people enjoy and learn more through observation when they don't have their pups in class.

Spay/Neuter Surgery
Most veterinarians recommend waiting 7 to 10 days before bringing your puppy back to class after spay/neuter surgery. Again, please come along without your pup if you're able. This way you'll have mental exercises to work on with your pup when she's supposed to refrain from lots of physical activity during her recovery (ehem, challenging).

Cancellation & Payment Policy
Classes are subject to rescheduling or cancellation due to low registration or other unanticipated conditions. Deposits for classes are non-refundable unless class is cancelled by the instructor. The full balance is due on or before the first day of class and are non-refundable after the start of class. 

Please note: we reserve the right to exclude any dog that shows aggressive or inappropriate behavior and will refer you to appropriate training outside of the group class environment.

Who should attend class? Can kids come?
Any family members who are interested in training are welcome in class. The more consistent your household is when training your dog, the faster your progress. This includes children. We enjoy kids and especially like using them for socializing with the young puppy classes. However, while we find classes interesting, young children's attention span may not last for the entire duration. Please use your judgement when bringing kids to class. The informational class without dogs can be especially challenging for little ones (although especially important for adults). 


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